Introducing Great Methods To Achieve Milestone In Business Strategy Consulting

Should a company outsource its IT needs to countries where labor is relatively cheap or should it establish additional branches on specific locations? Being a strategy consultant you just can’t rely on the textbook solutions since the field of business is getting more vast and complex. In fact, you need to accurately diagnose the problem & suggest effective and practical path to implement solutions. Implementing the right Business and IT Strategy Consulting Services can lead to sustainable competitive advantage and real bottom line results.

Here are some of the great methods that can help you breakthrough in strategy consulting.

Be Flexible

Being be flexiblea consultant you just not only need to get yourself involved in the concept of a particular strategy by monitoring & measuring the progress of the project but you must be able to modify your suggestions or expert advice base on the realities and nature of the business to make sure that the solutions you recommend will work.

Work With Other Experts


If you are working with giant companies it would be beneficial for you to collaborate with the other experts. Each of your colleague will handle particular area to become more effective in strategic understanding, innovative solutions, client partnership etc.

Personalize Your Services


You need to understand that every business in unique in its sense. So, when you are offering your strategy consulting make sure your services are based on the unique requirements of the clients. Simply, just don’t offer your clients generic recommendations as this is not going to work for them.

Get Really Involved

HandsRaisedOther consultant prefer to work at their own place where they evaluate the company’s needs and deeds without actually meeting or paying a visit at their business site. If you really want to be effective in this field it is recommended that you should get yourself involved throughout the entire process. The more you interact with your client the more you will understand their needs in detail and try to meet it.

The strategic consultant will plan out the entire business strategy so that you can market your brand and reach out the the maximum of the costumers worldwide. Therefore, hiring a business strategy consultant will help you to kick start your business easily and also help you to do well in it.

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Points To Consider For IT Process Consulting Services

Process Consulting Services

Process Consulting Services

Accely’s IT process consulting services focused on different key questions and multiple challenges that need to be met and overcome by business leaders & executives. As they plan for developing capabilities for the emerging, complex world of tomorrow, business and IT leaders need answers to some key questions.

IT Strategy & Architecture

IT Strategy & ArchitectureIs the current IT strategy and architecture suitably poised to enable the organization take the next big leap towards competitive advantage?

Planned IT Implementation

Planned IT Implementation

How do organizations gain meaningful business value from planned IT implementations?

Package Implementation

Package ImplementationPackage Implementation

Are business processes within the organization so unique that they need bespoke systems or is there potential to unearth trapped savings through package implementations?

Benefits From Package Implementation

Benefits From Package Implementation

What processes are the candidates of choice to gain maximum benefits from package applications?

IT LED Transformation

IT LED Transformation

What transition roadmap should an organization follow to achieve IT led transformation with lowest possible risk and optimized use of resources?

Process Improvements

Process Improvements

How does an organization achieve process improvements during its effort of implementing enterprise wide package applications like SAP?

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Overview of SAP Application Services By Accely


SAP Application


Developed organizations in any business industry will invest in SAP programs to offer progressive value to their customers by ensuring they stay ahead of competition by adding the top practices through all their operations. Accely with its SAP expertise, helps their customers achieved in these transformational advantages. Accely’s services portfolio includes end-to-end business solutions & implementations on SAP business All-in-One & SAP business suite including new dimension products.

SAP Application Services By AccelySAP

  • Discovery and Evaluation Services
  • Implementation and Rollout
  • EPM
  • Upgrade Services
  • Application Management Services
  • NetWeaver Services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Managed Services
  • Mobility Service

Discovery and Evaluation Services

The time & investment needed for evaluating ERP solution and the effect it can have on your business is remarkable. Therefore, organizations need to make fully knowledgeable assessments with respect to scalability & suitability of an ERP solution to meet their business goals. Accely helps their customers to identify the most appropriate SAP solutions for their industry & business, and then helps them evaluate and select the one that best meets their requirement.

Accely’s Discovery and Evaluation Services include :

  • Solution Envisioning
  • Business Case and Cost / Benefit Analysis
  • Industry Best Practices Adoption
  • Business Process Analysis – Arrive at goals, objectives and KPIs to measure progress
  • IS Planning for SAP Implementation
  • Gap Analysis and Fitment Analysis
  • Migration Study
  • Integration Study
  • Project Scoping and Sizing

Implementation and Rollout

Accely’s experience in AMS projects offer an flexible framework to clients to transition and run Application Management activities based on its delivery model. Accely’s SAP team helps client harmonize their support processes across different businesses to derive the best value for your business.

Accely’s rollout methodology is based on a combination of SAP standard tools such as solution manager, as well as tools and templates developed in-house to accelerate the rollout process.

EPM (Enterprise Performance management with SAP BPC)

Financial consolidation is fundamental to managing corporate performance. It enables an Enterprise view of financial information that provides insight into performance as a whole and serves as an alert system to variances from plan. Executive management uses this information to understand performance as well as to run the business. SAP Business Planning and Consolidation gives you access to reliable corporate data & optimize planning and consolidation processes.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation is unique in that it’s designed for all business users. It gives everyone across your business personalized, role based access to functionality that is:EPM

  • User focused
  • Process centric
  • Forward looking
  • Unified


Upgrade Service

Accely’s upgrade services allow clients to extract full value from higher versions of SAP ERP. It’s tool-based approach has received wide acknowledgement. Their robust upgrade road map surfaces the way for wider transformational differences, which in turn delivers noticeable business results for their clients. Three Steps to Upgrade :

  • Assess: Upgrade assessment for evaluating system readiness
  • Scope: Build value proposition for upgrade
  • Upgrade: Technical / Functional upgrade for optimum value benefit

Application Management Services

Accely help to develop unique solutions for accepting particular business needs, optimizing processes, increasing speed to market, improving quality & reducing risk.

  • Development of custom applications
  • Development of custom enterprise services
  • Make-to-order composition
  • Support for custom-developed solutions

NetWeaver Services

SAP_NetWeaverSAP NetWeaver is an open integration and application platform that ideally manages heterogeneity and powers collaborative solutions, making it possible to tie disparate systems together in single, point-to-point integration projects, and largely reduce the complexity and cost of this process.

Accely’ Offering:

  • Assessment and design of the data warehouse technical architecture and infrastructure
  • Enterprise data modelling
  • Custom design of Business Warehouse Solutions
  • Implementation support for standard business content
  • Analysis of query performance
  • Technical support and maintenance services

Business Intelligence

businessintelligence“The new face of BI for SAP” – this adage sums up the leading role a Business Objects application has played with the business intelligence front-end of SAP applications. Business Objects’ suite of BI solutions will be the go-to solutions for reporting, analysis, and dashboard capabilities for SAP customers looking for a fuller, more enhanced suite of BI solutions. Business Objects is the leader in the Business Intelligence market, helping organizations make more intelligent decisions – resulting in better business strategy.

Managed Services

Accely’s shared services model spans across its various enterprise offerings, including SAP services like Application Maintenance & Support. This service model is aimed at ensuring that the SAP system continues to run optimally, without any disruption in business processes & at lower costs. To meet client’s objectives for application support, Accely maximizes the use of its offshore Application Development Centers in India, while utilizing a local client-site team for management, business unit interface & service delivery functions.

Mobility Services

Mobility ServicesAccely Enterprise Mobility service offerings are designed to help enterprises to create not only a proper strategy and roadmap around enterprise mobile computing, but also handle the specialized development, testing and production rollouts that such solutions require.

Accely’s core Mobility service offerings span the full lifecycle of what is required to take a mobile solution from Concept-to-Rollout in an accelerated fashion.


Accely’s Services & Solutions:

  • Sybase SUP

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Accely Offers Best IT Consuting Services

What is IT Consulting Services?

IT Consulting services help client to gain their business objectives with use of different best information technology. In this services, first of all start with understanding of business need, then work with clients to design & deliver resourceful solutions, marked the right balance between leveraging what they have and delivering what they need.

IT Consulting Services
Accely offers different type of IT consulting services. Mainly they are offer three services, mentioned as below:

  1. Business Consulting
  2. Process Consulting
  3. Technology Consulting
  • Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Strategic business consulting services mainly concentrate on improve business performance of clients by reshuffling processes, moderate organizational risk and control the global sourcing & outsourcing organizational model. In this service clients control strength of IT to enhance their business performance & generate competent result. Accely offers business consulting services to deliver a solution to meet clients’ business & technology needs.

  • Process Consulting

Process Consulting

Current situation of business is illustrated by different challenges that need to be met & knocked by business leaders & executives. Accely’s process consulting services provide best result in most productive way and most competitive time & cost.

  • Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Technology consulting services build up the arrangement of business & technology across improved process effectiveness, reduce cost & improve business value of IT. Accely’s technology consulting provide solutions to client’s issues with help of verified business focused approach.

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